When considering outsourcing your software development projects, it is important to remember that projects typically have 4 elements that require to be maintained in a balanced state for the success of the project:

  • People
  • Time
  • Cost
  • Quality

When the balance is lost, the project gets out of control very quickly. Bringing it back under control is not easy:

  • Quality should not be compromised
  • Cost is sometimes controlled by using less people but taking longer to complete
  • If time is critical, additional resource MUST be used

Traditionally, this means more permanent staff or using contractors


Recruiting staff with the appropriate skills takes time and becomes a permanent overhead after the project is completed. Time and cost suffer.

Contractors are usually employed on a ‘time and materials’ basis; the big problem being the variable nature of any temporary contractor’s experience. This is biased in favour of the contractors, as all the risk for the software still resides with the company and not with the engineers implementing the software. Cost seriously suffers.


You can overcome this imbalance of risk byoutsourcing through ASE. You can expect a fixed-price quotation for the software component of any well-defined project. This allows you to determine at the start of the process how profitable the project will be, and whether the profit margin is acceptable. From our wide range of experience we use the most appropriate engineer for each element of the task, thereby providing several engineers for the price of one.


Offshore outsourcing has been a popular method of using contract labour at a reduced cost.

Clients regularly engage us for project work that has initially gone overseas for software development.  We are often asked to save projects that have either:

  • not met the requirements
  • missed deadlines
  • gone over budget

Some clients report that despite the fact that the “man-hour” rate is significantly lower overseas, because we have the skills to do what we commit to and meet our time scales, we consistently work out at a lower overall cost to them.

A frequent report when working overseas is about the difficulty of communication; with time difference, language and culture issues regularly mentioned.  With an outsourcing company like us, communication is easy and messages understood. This becomes particularly important when tackling complex areas such as set top box and digital TV software or safety critical railway software.


Key benefits that clients report include:

  • Having access to skilled resources
  • Immediate resource availability
  • Flexibility in software and hardware expertise
  • Eliminating or reducing the need for on-going training for their staff
  • Reduced headcount
  • Reduced overheads
  • Freeing up people and premises for other projects
  • Shorter lead times
  • Easy communication
  • Rapid response
  • On-site capability when needed


  • We build dedicated teams for your project needs.
  • We can act as your Back-end Off shore office.
  • Our teams can work Offsite as well as On site.
  • You benefit from collective brain trust in place.

Flexible Outsourcing

  • No extra hours charged to clients.
  • absorbing fluctuations in resource requirements
  • Long term or short term project based engagements.
  • Increased focus on coreactivities of your business.


Have a business launched and looking for someone to completely take over the technology bit ? That’s our sweet spot.

Indusry Experiance

  • Banking / Finance
  • Telecommunication
  • Electronic Manufacturing
  • Government
  • Educational Institutes
  • Power Sector
  • E- Business


Get your idea to market fast with minimum viable product development strategy.


Looking for a specific skill set or just want to augment current staff for short or long term?We have the staff to meet all your technical needs.


If your last developer left things messy, we are ready to pick up the pieces – and fast.


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