What’s so Unique 

  • Research & Development experience with New Zealand and Canadian Telecom vendors.
  • 15 Years of Industry experience in Networking and Telecom Product Development.
  • Hands on Development experience on Carrier grade Ethernet Demarcation devices used for performance assurances running Linux OS
  • Full Software Development Life Cycle exposure within a large R&D environment spanning multiple continents.
  • In Depth knowledge of Micro-controller architectures and Real Time flavors of Linux Operating System.
  • Hands on Development on Circuit Switched and Packet Switched Networking Products used in Mobile Carriers Network including Digital Microwave equipment PDH,SDH and IP/Ethernet based Wireless Backhaul products with full QoS.


Have a business launched and looking for someone to completely take over the technology bit ? That’s our sweet spot.


Get your idea to market fast with minimum viable product development strategy.


If your last developer left things messy, we are ready to pick up the pieces – and fast

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Embedded Linux

Worked on Linux Kernels with Real Time Enhancements on Motorolla PowerPC and ARM9 Architectures.

Device Driver Development, I2C, SPI, UART, GPIO and USB sub-systems.

Linux internals including File Systems,Device Drivers, Interprocess Communication (Shared Memory),Synchronising Mechanisms like semaphores.

Board Support Packages for layer 2 carrier grade BobCat Ethernet switches running Linux Kernel on ARM9 processor.

Implemented Packet Assurance agent for IPv6 protocol by making proprietary changes in UDP and IPv6 code of the Kernel.

Shell and Python scripting for Build Support Systems autoconf, autotools and Source Version Control like (GIT and CVS).

Multi Threaded and Multi Process Applications spanning about a million lines
of code Including lots of 3rd party open source components like SNMP agent (Netsnmp) NTP (Network Time Protocol) and ftp daemons.

Hybrid / Packet Microwave Radios

Contributed in Embedded Software Design of Digital Microwave Radios / L2 Switching Platform having the following features:

  • All Native TDM (E1/DS1,E3/DS3,STM-1)
  • IP/Ethernet Traffic 8 – 300 Mbps
  • Hybrid (TDM+IP,IPoTDM MLPP)
  • HitLess Adaptive Coding and Modulation
  • Link Aggregation and Protection Option
  • Software scalable capacity selection with Modulation from QPSK up to 256QAM.
  • QoS features Port & VLAN Prioritization, Q in Q, flow control, Traffic Shaping/Schedng
  • SNMP based Fault and Configuration Management.
  • Synchronization:SynEthernet, IEEE1588v2
  • High Density Ethernet Interfaces with 6x Gigabit Ethernet Ports.

Embedded Systems

Full Development Life Cycle Support

Boot loaders , Board Support Packages

Experience on architectures like ARM and Power PC processors ARM926EJ and MPC860T PowerQuicc (Motorolla) Renesas M32,C,PIC32MX,STM32F4.

SoCs: CC3000(Wi Fi),CC2530 (Zigbee), CC2541 (BLE), CC2640 (802.15.4 radio)

Languages and Protocols: C/C++, Python, Java, JSON, NodeJS RS232, RS484, I2C, SPI, IrDA TCP/IP,IPv6, UDP,NTP,lwIP,SNMP FieldBus including CAN.

OS/RTOS: Embedded Linux, uCOSII, FreeRTOS

Test Automation: Regression Automated Testing System based on Python Scripting.

Telecom / Networking Product Development

Focusing on Telecom vendor Industry we have expertise in Carrier Class Wireless Backhaul product development and experience of writing software for TDM (PDH and SDH) and Packet based products. We have worked with companies like Harris Stratex and Accedian Networks and wrote software for their advanced level L2 Ethernet switches. Whether you are using legacy TDM based systems or developing Packet based Hybrid telecom products supporting both TDM and Packet based technologies with built-in synchronization, we can provide a solution you can trust. Which will enable you to provide carrier class end to end solution to your customer.

Can assist in development of demarcation devices with programmable packet processing and performance assurance and MEF certified networking.These provide carrier-grade demarcation within metro and access networks. Designed for cellular hubs, aggregation nodes, and CPEs, monitor and bridge diverse networks, delivering high-density OAM and performance monitoring visibility.

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